Volleyball is a great game – just ask the millions of people who play it, watch it, analyze it and referee it. It has
been actively promoted in recent years and has developed tremendously as a top competitive sport.
Increased excitement, speed, explosive action, a clean healthy image and huge TV audience figures have
created an impetus to develop the game even further, to make it simpler and more attractive to an even
wider range of viewing public.
However, to make a correct and uniform application of these rules on a world stage is also very important for
the further development of the game. This Casebook is a collection of plays with Official Rulings approved by
the Refereeing and Rules of the Game Commission and based upon the most up-to-date edition of the Rules.
These rulings expand on and clarify the spirit and meaning of the Official Rules, and are the official
interpretations to be followed during all competitions.
This Casebook is based upon the 2017-2020 edition of the Rule Text whose mandate was approved by the
FIVB Congress at Buenos Aires (ARG), in October 2016.
There is a whole new invention informing the referees and people interested in volleyball about the rules and
refereeing. Several cases appearing in this Casebook have been illustrated with video shots, helping the
understanding of the situations and making the cases more interesting and attractive. These cases are
indicated at the description. They are collected into a special document, the Illustrated Casebook, which is
available soon on the FIVB e-learning platform